November 10, 2003

“Poco” - New Beluga in the Bay of Fundy!

The WSP received a report on September 22, 2003  that a juvenile beluga was sighted on the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Fundy—a very long way from his home range of either the Arctic or the St. Lawrence River! The young whale was first seen circling a barge a compensator buoys near a salmon farm at Pocologan. With the help of those working at the site, Project Director, Catherine Kinsman first documented the new beluga on September 25th. “Poco”, as he became known. He has subsequently traveled to other aquaculture sites and has developed a habit of looking over the shoulders of commercial divers as they work underwater on the salmon pens.

Did Poco Swim All This Way Alone?

An adult beluga was documented alone out in the Bay of Fundy on August 19th this year (Laurie Murison, pers. comm. 2003) but no reports of an adult and juvenile pair were ever made so we do not know if Poco initially arrived in the company of this adult whale.

The WSP wishes to extend a special thank you to all those who helped us get out to document Poco in September and October in inclement weather and continue to assist us. Particular thanks to Joe Hunt and Pat Mowatt for video documentation of Poco’s behaviour.

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