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The Whale Stewardship Project is a Canadian not-for-profit  organization based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Since 1998 we have been conducting scientific research, protection initiatives and public education on behalf of several unique beluga whales in Atlantic Canada. We have also collaborated with organizations in the North-east USA when one of our research animals traveled as far south as Boston, MA. These young white whales have all been found in locations hundreds of kilometres outside of their nativeSt. Lawrence River or Arctic region habitats.

Orphaned, lost or somehow separated from their family pods, the juvenile whales often begin to seek out human companionship and interact with boats and other objects. Their naturally curious and trusting nature makes these wild, free-ranging whales extremely vulnerable to injury, harassment and behavioural modification.

The extent to which humans impact the survivability of these sociable whales as they become increasingly habituated and attracted to humans is not yet known. Our pioneering research is revealing much about these remarkable whales and we are applying that knowledge for the benefit of these individuals as well as other whales and dolphins in other parts of the world.

Whale Stewardship Project

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This is a half hour educational video featuring "Wilma," our first solitary sociable beluga whale and the pioneering work of the Whale Stewardship Project.

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Recipient of three merit awards from the 2000 International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula Montana for education and human wildlife interaction.