Working for a better world...

where whales and humans meet.



Your donation helps to cover expenses associated with all of our
programs. Here are just a few of our funding needs:

  1. • for travel to communities where the whales take up residence;

  2. • for living expenses while conducting on-site protection/education programs;

  3. • for acquiring and maintaining vital equipment used in research & protection;

  4. • to support collection and analysis of data;

  5. • to purchase and upgrade equipment;

  6. • for producing educational materials;

  7. • for administrative costs;

  8. • for emergency funds.

Here's how you can support our efforts on behalf of whales and dolphins.

Send a Cheque or Money Order for  $20,  $50,  $100 or other amount of your choice to:

Whale Stewardship Project

P.O. Box 36101

Halifax, NS


B3J 3S9

Through your generous support, we will continue

to act on behalf of whales and dolphins around the world.

Together we can work to ensure they are respected and protected.

Thank You!

Whale Stewardship Project

P.O. Box 36101

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canada   B3J 3S9



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