Sept. 04, 2002

On Aug 31, residents of Lark Harbour, Newfoundland reported sighting Echo approaching the government wharf and a moored fishing vessel. They described a grayish-white beluga whale who had cuts on the left side of his head, indicating that this was undoubtedly Echo, who was injured by a boat propeller on July 31, 2002 in Codroy, Newfoundland. Lark Harbour is 150 kilometres north of Codroy, where Echo was last sighted August 14. Echo apparently stayed in Lark Harbour for nearly two hours. The beluga came close enough to the wharf that at least two people (including one visitor from Corner Brook) took photographs of the beluga.

After notifying the local media of the Whale Stewardship Project's (WSP) search for the solitary white whale, Project Director, Catherine Kinsman, received a call on September 3, from an excited Corner Brook resident who took photos of the whale while visiting Lark Harbour on the weekend. Thanks to the generousity of this person, who donated a set of photos to the organization, this valuable documentation enabled the WSP to confirm that Echo is still alive and apparently making progress. From the photos it does not appear that Echo has lost weight, which would indicate that one full month after being seriously injured his efforts at catching and eating prey are successful.

With the good news of this most recent sighting, the WSP immediately began an expanded search for Echo in the Bay of Islands and as far north as Gros Morne National Park. Stay tuned.

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