Final Sightings 2002

Oct. 30, 2002

[This sighting proved to be the last report of Lenni in 2002.]

Lenni was observed on this day at Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland by a fisherman who reported the sighting to the WSP.

Oct. 23, 2002

[This proved to be the final sighting of Casper-Echo in 2002.]

A fisherman in Sheaves Cove, St. George's Bay, Newfoundland reported sighting a beluga whale today, which the Whale Stewardship Project (WSP) believes to be Echo. The fisherman and his brother were out in their boat at 4:30 p.m. just after launching from shore when they noticed a beluga whale swimming beside them in about ten feet of water. The fisherman did see markings on the beluga, but could not confirm that there were cuts on the left side of the whale's head. It is unlikely that another stray beluga has found his way to the same general region as where Echo was sighted approximately two weeks ago.

The WSP is asking for the public's continued assistance and support in helping to locate Echo as well as other orphaned belugas.

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