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where whales and humans meet.


How You Can Help

Funding and equipment is needed to continue our pioneering research, protection and education programs on behalf of these amazing animals. With our thanks, Click on each category to learn some ways you can support these efforts.

Our research is always done with the purpose of benefiting the whales directly. With your contribution and participation we can make some amazing and important discoveries!

You can choose an item from our wish list and send it to the WSP or specifically direct your donated funds in an equivalent amount and we will gratefully purchase the items.

Your donations provide vital support for all aspects of our programs of protection, education and research.

Get involved. You can make a difference by participating in efforts that promote co-existence with marine life and their environment.

Support Protection Initiatives

With your help we can continue our on-site protection programs and develop new and innovative ways to help these vulnerable young whales.

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