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Kuus (pronounced Coo-us) was about two years old when he was first seen in Green Bay, Newfoundland in the spring of 1999. Like other stray belugas     reported over the years, Kuus may have followed ocean currents southward from the Arctic.

Throughout the summer of 1999 Kuus charmed residents and tourists with his trusting, approachable nature in the three communities of Nippers Harbour, Middle Arm and King's Point- Rattling Brook.

Kuus' close contact with humans resulted in two small notches cut out of the ridge on his back by a boat propeller. Media coverage of the Whale Stewardship Project's (WSP) search for Wilma prompted a concerned resident to call our hotline and alert us to his presence. We responded immediately by implementing our programs for Kuus in Newfoundland.

Kuus departed the area at the end of September 1999. Although Kuus has not since been sighted, the WSP continues to investigate all reported accounts of stray beluga whales in Atlantic Canada and maintains contact with other beluga researchers in hopes of eventually confirming his survival.

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