Beluga Whale takes up residence

in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

The Whale Stewardship Project continues to follow the activity of a solitary beluga whale named Leucas (Luke).                                  

A biopsy (skin and blubber sample) was taken and it has been determined that this solitary male beluga is from the endangered St. Lawrence River population.

The whale’s presence is also being filmed for an upcoming episode of The Nature of Things produced by

Natural Mystery Films.

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LUKE (Leucas)

Wed. July 29th,  our Project Director documented Luke interacting with two kayaks in Liverpool Bay. Though the kayakers were respectful in not touching Luke, they became nervous when the whale made physical contact with their kayaks. Catherine shared helpful information and guidelines and the trekkers carried on safely as Luke resumed his usual activity in the bay.

WSP Project Director Catherine Kinsman documents the beluga’s activity in Liverpool Bay.

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