August 31,2004

Lone beluga sighted in Newfoundland

A solitary beluga whale in Newfoundland waters was reported to the WSP in August. This may be the same individual that was sighted back in June of this year. WSP is awaiting photographs of the August beluga. Fishermen kept quiet about the presence of this animal for a few weeks in an undisclosed region of Newfoundland. As the only ones who knew about the beluga, the fishermen apparently felt it was best not to announce it and attract attention to the whale. The WSP volunteer who learned of this and informed us, said, “They must have heard loud and clear, the WSP message about protecting solitary belugas in previous years.” Whatever the reason, we are grateful for the concern and efforts of the fishermen, to look out for the well being of this beluga.

Special thanks to volunteers, Chris and Shawna for this report

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