August 31,2004

Poco still cruising US waters

Poco has spent the entire summer of 2004 traveling along the northeast coast of the USA. For most of July and August he visited harbors, approached boats and a few divers in the state of Maine. Although Poco has thus far escaped life-threatening injury, he has incurred several nicks, cuts and some deeper wounds from boat propellers since the Whale Stewardship Project observed him in Gloucester, MA back in June.

The US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) continues to caution people concerning interaction with Poco, citing harassment of marine mammals is punishable by law. The northeast region Stranding Network has continued to track Poco with calls coming into their sighting hotline. The WSP also relays sighting reports that we receive and continues to consult with agencies in the US concerning Poco’s status, behaviour and welfare.

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