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The lone juvenile beluga is frequently seen in the Bay of Fundy (from the region of Fundy National Park across to Cape Chignecto and over to Port George, NS). He was injured around mid-August. Gashes on his back and left side near the pectoral flipper are visible.

All mariners:

1) Be aware that the beluga “Q”, may not be able to move quickly due to his injuries. Use extra caution if Q is present, as he is at risk of additional harm from vessels - especially from sudden or quick movements of boat and gear.

2) Immediately report a sighting of the beluga, with coordinates. If it is not possible to report at the moment of sighting, please note the date, time and coordinates and report ASAP, leaving name and return contact number.

3) Please take photos or video of Q, (particularly a full body shot and close up of injuries) and send to/contact the Whale Stewardship Project asap 902-889-2679. 

4) For comments or questions relating to the beluga, contact  Whale Stewardship Project Director, Cathy Kinsman at the same number.

Injury photos courtesy, Brad Hubley

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