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As Senior Research Advisor, behavioural biologist, Toni G. Frohoff, Ph.D., has worked with WSP on studies of the occurrence and behaviour of solitary sociable beluga whales. This research is the first of its kind in the world for this species.

The WSP has developed a behavioural catalogue and has completed a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of hundreds of hours of video-taped data. The data is collected opportunistically from research boats and from shore by Project Director and Sociable Beluga Specialist Catherine Kinsman and her assistants and includes both above-water and underwater observation.

We have found that the interactive behaviours of these animals with humans, boats and other objects are complex and numerous. These interactions include: exploration; tactile, acoustic and visual interaction; play and other affiliative behaviours; postural and vocal mimicry; and agonistic behaviours ranging from submission to aggression.

Our research has been presented at several major
international conferences on marine mammals including the Smithsonian Institute and at the International Whaling Commission Subcommittee on Whale Watching. We are always adding to the expanding list of featured works and publications for both scientific and popular audiences. In the future we hope to not only continue our ground-breaking behavioural studies but also to expand our research to include cognitive ethology and acoustics. Please see How You Can Help.  The WSP recognizes the privilege and exceptional opportunity these belugas present for studying whales in the wild.

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