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Messages to the Whale Stewardship Project have been coming in since news of Poco’s death. We wish to share with all of you, a few of the special feelings people have for Poco and just how much of an impact his beautiful but short life had.

If you have read about or encountered Poco and wish to add your thoughts or memories of Poco to this page, please write to us at and we will be pleased to post your message.

It is sad news. Poco the delight of my diving life. He was a true ambassador of the whale world. I gazed into his eyes and I knew he was an intelligent mammal. I hope to see another some day but if I don't I'll be content that I met Poco, and had time with him... I would love to be there when the impending exhibit is unveiled.

We're very sorry to hear of Poco's death. Thank you for all the work you've done - and how you encouraged others - to keep Poco and other solitary   belugas safe. The privilege of "meeting" Poco will be forever etched in my memory. Mike, Stacey & Erika

It's been a few days since I read of Poco's death and the tears are still
flowing when I look at his picture or read of his exploits, especially his
sweet contacts with humans. I am sad that his gentle presence is no longer
with us, in the flesh, but hope that his child-like spirit remains with us
always. I miss you Poco and will remember you for a long time. Sorry I was
not able to help keep you safe and alive. Cathy, please keep up your good
work on behalf of all of these precious beings. I'm a relatively new member
of the Whale Center of New England, out of Gloucester. What can I do to help
the other Pocos out there? With sadness and warm regards, Bob - Portland

Figured out a way to 'immortalize' Poco. I'd recently bought a small
sailboat and hadn't thought about naming her. Last night my lady and I were
talking and we both enthusiastically agreed that it will bear the name
"POCO". Calling port, Newport RI. We will delight in telling people about the origin of the name wherever we go. Chuck

It was with profound sadness that I read (about Poco’s death). Though the time in which I got to know Poco was short, I felt I was much enriched by the experience. Going to work while he was around was not like going to work at all, but rather to an unexpected and delightful place imagined previously only in dreams. I can't help but think that he was still trying to find his way home.
Thanks for the information, and take care. Pat

I write to express my deepest condolences and great sadness in response to Poco's death. He was a young, unique being who touched the many lives around him and around the world. For those of us who followed the young beluga's life remotely, it is saddening to see that his journey ended so soon. Animals & Mammals have the ability to touch us and teach us in ways no human can. When they look at you, the ancients look too.
During the summer of 2003, I was a monitor who tended to the young Southern Resident orca, Luna / L98 / Tsux'iit. For reasons we do not know, for the time being he has chosen to live a solitary life in Nootka Sound, just as Poco chose to live a solitary and more exploratory life.
These beings teach us that magic is real, and deliver messages of love and respect. It is up to us to find the meaning of their lives and make it positive to help their future and ours. We do not always have to understand their lives to realize that individuals like Poco leave a legacy behind we will not soon forget. You will be missed.

        With love, Chantelle

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